a whole new set of cards for you to collect and play with

Following the amazing success of the Doctor Who Battles in Time card collections, GE Fabbri is proud to introduce the new Torchwood Trading Card Collection, aimed at the adult collector.


With amazing new images of aliens and monsters from both series of the TV show, 200 exciting brand-new trading cards will be launched in shops across the UK on Wednesday 16th April 2008, priced £2.99 per pack.


Each pack contains 9 randomised cards, plus there are rare foil, holographic, bumpy, glow in the dark and lenticular cards to look out for. Gameplay rules will be available on the website www.torchwoodcards.com.


“The Torchwood Trading Cards are a special collection for all Torchwood fans,” says group editor Claire Lister. “The show is rich with fantastic characters and monsters, and ever since the first series aired we’ve wanted to bring out a card set based on them.”


The Torchwood Trading Card Collection features 200 brand-new spectacular cards from both series of the TV show. Prepare to do battle with deadly alien sleeper assassins bent on destroying the world, alien entities that feed on memories, monstrous parasites that incubate inside human bodies and a demon that could cause the end of life on Earth...


Trading cards stats

  • 200 unique designs based on both series one and series two of Torchwood

  • Pack odds: 160 common cards (8 in every pack); 25 rare (1 in every pack); 10 super-rare (1 in every 6 packs); 5 ultra-rare (1 in every 24 packs).

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