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DVD Doctor Who - Trial Of A Timelord - Box Set (4 Discs)


  • The Mysterious Planet: Commentary 1 - With Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Tony Selby and Adam Blackwood.
  • Commentary 2 - With script editor Eric Saward (episode 1 only)
  • The Making of The Mysterious Planet.
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • Trails and Continuity - BBC1 trails and continuity announcements from the original transmission.
  • 35mm Film Sequence - the full-length version of the impressive motion-control model shot that opened the story.
  • Music Videos - three music videos with the option of various soundtracks
  • Wogan - Colin Baker and Lynda Bellingham appear on the Terry Wogan show in August 1986.
  • Blue Peter - presenters Mark Curry and Janet Ellis talk to Colin Baker, Bonnie Langford and the designers and operators of the L1 and L3 robots, whilst Peter Duncan interviews the villainous Sil, played by Nabil Shaban.
  • Points of View - Anne Robinson responds to viewer's letters on the Doctor's return.
  • Mindwarp: Commentary - With actors Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, writer Philip Martin.
  • The Making of Mindwarp.
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes.
  • Now and Then - On the Trail of a Time Lord - a look at the locations used in the making of the story.
  • A Fate Worse than Death? - Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant commentary over the closing scenes of episode 14, in which it is revealed that Peri didn't die, but instead married... Brian Blessed!
  • Trails and Continuity
  • TV Talkback - Phillip Schofield reads out viewer's letters on the return of Doctor Who and the new title music, in this extract from Saturday Superstore.
  • Children in Need - Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and producer John Nathan-Turner visit the Blackpool Doctor Who Exhibition. Back in the studio, Terry Wogan and Patrick Moore greet a plethora of Doctors and companions as they all emerge from the TARDIS to present a cheque to the 1985 Children in Need appeal.
  • Lenny Henry - Lenny Henry is the Doctor in this comedy sketch from his series.
  • Terror Of The Vervoids: Commentary - With actors Colin Baker, Michael Craig, writers Pip and Jane Baker, director Chris Clough.
  • The Making of Terror of the Vervoids.
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • Trails and Continuity
  • The Lost Season - The story of the plans for the original season 23, which was dropped when the series was rested at the end of season 22.
  • Now, Get Out of That - A trio of professional television writers examine the art of Doctor Who's famous cliffhanger endings.
  • Saturday Picture Show - Mark Curry interviews Bonnie Langford
  • The Ultimate Foe: Commentary 1 - With actors Colin Baker, Tony Selby, director Chris Clough, and for episode 14 only, writers Pip and Jane Baker.
  • Commentary 2 - With script editor Eric Saward (episode 13 only)
  • The Making of The Ultimate Foe.
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • Trails and Continuity
  • Trials and Tribulations - documentary looking at Colin Baker's tenure as the Doctor.
  • 1985 Hiatus - a compilation of media footage reporting the 'resting' of the show in 1985.
  • Doctor in Distress - a music video to accompany a single put together by fans in an attempt to raise public awareness of the resting of the show.
  • Open Air - opinions of members of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society following the finale of 'The Trial of a Time Lord'.
  • Saturday Superstore (dur. 13' 31") - presenters Sarah Greene and Mike Read are joined by Colin Baker to talk about Doctor Who
  • PDF Material - Radio Times billings for all fourteen episodes, a BBC Press Office release containing quotes about the series, and an extract from the children's magazine Zig Zag, which goes behind the scenes during the making of the show.
  • Coming Soon
  • All discs contain Photo Gallery and subtitle production notes


The Mysterious Planet: The TARDIS is drawn to a space station where the Doctor is subjected to a Time Lord inquiry into his behaviour, presided over by an Inquisitor. The prosecuting counsel, the Valeyard, presents the first piece of his evidence, which consists of a recording played back on a screen linked to the Matrix. It concerns a visit by the Doctor and Peri to the desolate planet Ravolox, which turns out to be a future Earth, shifted light-years through space.

The court watches as the pair get caught up in a conflict between the surface-dwelling Tribe of the Free, led by Queen Katryca, and the planet's other inhabitants, a group of subterranean technocrats and their robotic ruler Drathro.

Mindwarp: The Valeyard's second segment of evidence relates to the planet Thoros-Beta. Here the Doctor and Peri meet their old adversary Sil and others of his Mentor race, whose leader Kiv is awaiting an operation from a scientist named Crozier to transplant his brain into another body. They also form an uneasy alliance with a kidnapped Krontep warrior, King Yrcanos, and encounter a group of resistance fighters.

Terror Of The Vervoids: The distraught Doctor gives the court his evidence for the defence. He chooses an incident from his own future, in which he and his companion Mel arrive on the space liner Hyperion III in response to a distress call.

The Ultimate Foe: With the evidence complete, the Doctor learns that the Master has gained illicit access to the Matrix in his TARDIS


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